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Often an applicant's medical record will not contain enough evidence to show that the onset date was a certain number of years ago.But if you applied for SSDI at an earlier time, sometimes an SSDI lawyer will be able to reopen your old Social Security claim for evidence of an early disability onset date.

There are two ways to solve this: It is formatted like an HTML comment, so if you don't have SSI correctly enabled, the browser will ignore it, but it will still be visible in the HTML source.

Note that the date that an individual stops working due to disability is not relevant in determining the ten-year look back period; it's the ten years before the application date that counts.

Your DLI depends on the date you stopped working at a job that pays into the Social Security system through FICA taxes.

If you have SSI correctly configured, the directive will be replaced with its results.

The function can be one of a number of things, and we'll talk some more about most of these in the next installment of this series.

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