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Partly for this reason it has been suggested that Julius Cæsar crossed the Thames here during his invasion of Britain in 54 BC, and the Brentford Monument outside the County Court asserts that a battle took place here at this time between Cæsar's forces and Cassivellaunus.In his own account, Cæsar writes that he crossed the river 80 miles (130 km) from the sea, and Brentford is this distance from his supposed landing beach.Later, police released a statement from Miss Aurelio in which she said: 'The night I was attacked it just felt like a small cut to my chin at first, but the next day I realised how serious it was and became more and more scared.

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The quality and quantity of the artefacts suggests that Brentford was a meeting point for pre-Romanic tribes.Dredging the river uncovered so many more that they had to be removed, for they were a hazard to navigation.Although Cæsar's descriptions are compelling, there has been no archaeological proof that this was the spot where he and his army had to fight to cross.In the foreground is the River Brent, and in the background is the River Thames with carpark at Kew Gardens.Brentford is the first point on the tidal portion of the River Thames which was easily fordable by foot (this was before dredging took place).

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