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DLL (10-Sep-06) Copying List Box Contents to the Clipboard (1-Sep-06) A Dialog Shortcut Consistency Checker (23-Dec-99, updated 4-Feb-00) Dialog box and control design (1-Jun-03) Dialog-based Applications (15-Oct-01, 8-Jan-03, 5-Mar-06) Dialog Box Control Management Dialog Boxes in Console Apps I/O Completion Ports and Cross-Thread Messaging (21-Nov-03, Revised 1-Apr-06 to include dialog-based apps) KB103788: Creating Modeless Dialogs with MFC Libraries done right (18-Feb-08) Limiting Dialog Box Resizing (1-Sep-06) Managing fonts in a CView- and CWnd-derived classes (27-Jul-11) The Message Box Explorer (9-Apr-07) Rearranging Controls on a Dynamically Resizable Window (1-Sep-06, revised 17-Jun-11) A Self-Registering Window Class (15-Oct-01) Subclassing Dialogs and Property Pages (13-Sep-00) Using Pre Subclass Window (15-Oct-01) Who Owns the GUI?

A Class for Dynamically Loading DLLs (25-Nov-01) A Self-Registering Window Class (15-Oct-01) Hooks and DLLs (13-Mar-01) The Ultimate (DLL) Header File (19-Oct-00) A Bitmap File Analyzer [lots of cool dialog box techniques included!

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