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He proved his theory with the help of female friend Genevieve who had far more luck, holding conversations for a minimum of two minutes with nine out of ten of her chatbuddies (both male and female).At its best, says Mr Neistat, Chatroulette is "something that transports you around the world into a stranger's life, over and over again".A hot cheerleader engaged with other viewers before ducking down out of the frame and popping back up as…well…not quite the same hot girl.French Connection went a slightly different route with their Chatroulette campaign. ----------------------- █♣█ █♣█ █♣█ █♣█ █♣█ Sickening ****MISC STRENGTH CREW**** RIP Matt Cook AKA Stephen Hawking Neopragmatist Ol' Dirty Scrapper Iron_Chef gainmusclefast Clark_Kent jordanmacdonald pchopper poopoo333 Grim Rep_er rockyl686 sonicology The Staring Frog chlaxman kodiak5 Uk Chris93 redheadlaw7 SOUPthe EXTREME burlyman619 Beast92 guest Schnitter Dude.If, like many, you grew up being ordered not to talk to strangers, the latest internet phenomenon presents both an illicit thrill and a deep-rooted discomfort.

"After I got comfortable 'nexting' people I realised I would definitely next me too, I really only pause on pretty girls," he says on his video.

Chatroulette has proven to be a great platform for meeting random strangers, checking out pantsless dudes, achieving fame as an improv comedy pianist and, surprisingly, advertising.

A number of companies have launched creative advertising campaigns, using Chatroulette to spread the word about their products and companies in unique ways.

(Go check it out ) In it, John explains: "Not one of the people I've encountered displaying their wares on Chatroulette shows their face.

So, utilize a facial recognition scan or brief eye tracking scan before making connections.

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