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But it was signalling that really caught my interest, particularly older semaphore signals like the one depicted here.Apart from providing a welcome splash of colour and ideal targets for my camera, I had a natural interest in their engineering principles.Shortly afterwards, we had a bumblebee nest in this now closed off passageway - probably in the adjacent wall cavity which had been filled with insulation a number of years previously.

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Since buying my digital SLR I have started taking signalling photos again, and have a good number of pages with recent photos of signals and track layouts, including the superb semaphore collections at Shrewsbury and Worcester.

So I've included a page about the joys I get from gardening, including with a feature about my favourite flowers - Primulas, a photo shoot from the RHS Garden at Wisley, and pages of photos from my own garden in 20.

There are also many more recent garden photos on my Facebook page.

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I've always loved growing plants, ever since I grew Hyacinths in glass bowls and one or two other favourite plants as a boy, and of course flowers make lovely photographic subjects.

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